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Attention: If you're a coach or thinking about adding coaching to your business (or if you're any type of trainer, consultant, healer, author or speaker) then this opportunity applies to you:

"Discover How You Can Easily Attract New Clients
and Get Paid to Create Deep, Personal Transformation by Becoming a Sacred Money Archetypes® Certified Coach"

With this enlightening and exciting certified coach training program
(taught via teleseminar calls) you'll learn how to:

Confidently coach clients through their money blind spots
Empower clients to make confident financial decisions
Rapidly make more money with content clients love

And best of all, everything you'll learn to coach your clients on, YOU will get to apply first to YOUR life and business!

Click here to register and get online training & materials you can use with your clients!

Live teleseminar coach training, an exciting and proven step-by-step program that's easy to market, "done for you" marketing materials, credentialed status, license to use this life-changing content in your coaching, programs, teleseminars, workshops ... it's all here for you and so much more!

Is becoming a Certified
Sacred Money Archetypes® Coach
right for you? Let's find out...

It's easy to add the Sacred Money Archetypes® to your current coaching business or use it as the start-up for your new coaching enterprise.

Here's all the training & coaching you'll get...


Transformational, easy to follow, coach training with Kendall on each step of the Sacred Money Archetypes® system, over a 90-day period. Value: $3,997

PLUS, the best step-by-step strategies on what to charge for this new income stream (this module alone can help you create your OWN empowering money breakthrough!). Value: $1,497

The #1 secret for getting your first paying client, even if you don't have a list, are new to coaching or are too busy with your current clients to market. Value: $1,497

Online mp3 recordings and transcripts of all training calls to refer back to. Value: Priceless


Generous Live Q&A time and On-the-Spot Coaching opportunities with Kendall, plus buddy coaching to practice what you're learning. Value: $1,997

Simple assignments to help you immediately transform what you're learning into practical action. Value: $1,997

An experiential learning environment that includes activities, exercises and handouts. Value: Priceless


Exclusive access to the Sacred Money Archetypes® coaches-only online group, where you'll swap ideas, receive feedback and support, announce your SMA trainings and programs, connect with buddy coaches, create joint venture partnerships and more. Value: Priceless


Downloadable versions of all exercises, handouts and materials to follow along with as you learn each step of the Sacred Money Archetypes® and to brand as your own and use with your clients.



You'll discover how to coach clients through these
4 Sacred Money Archetypes® modules...

PLUS you'll get ALL of the exercises, worksheets, templates and more
— that you can brand as your own — included with each module
in this exciting teleseminar certification program... Value: $3,997

Module #1 "Discover Your Sacred Money Archetype"

Discover YOUR Sacred Money Archetype, unlocking what makes YOU tick when it comes to money.

Solve the riddle as to HOW you're going to move beyond (far beyond) your current money story and into the kind of financial empowerment you can bank on.

Discover the most profitable actions you can take to increase your income today to secure your financial freedom and future.

Learn how to apply the power of your Sacred Money Contract (Yes, you have one...EVERYONE does!) to your business, so you can transform your ideas into financial success in big, meaningful and exciting ways.

PLUS, you'll become expert in the Sacred Money Assessment and in all 8 of the Sacred Money Archetypes so you can confidently create deep transformation for your clients in all areas of their life, relationships and business/career.

BONUS: Beautifully designed assessment and 8 full-color Sacred Money Archetypes® cards
BONUS: Done-for-You exercises, templates, checklists and scripts included!

Module #2 "Slaying Your Money Dragons"

Your Sacred Money Archetypes® hold the key to removing any resistance to making more money, clearing the path for you to achieve financial success with grace and ease, knowing you deserve it!

Discover the 4 Pillars of Sacred Money Empowerment so you can melt away ANY resistance, internal conflict, confusion, doubts or fears preventing you from surging ahead financially:

BONUS: Done-for-You exercises, templates, checklists and scripts included!

Module #3 "Discovering Your Divine Financial Life Purpose"

Women need a tremendous amount of permission in order to feel free to move forward and knowing your Divine Financial Purpose gives you this permission to thrive and succeed in life and in business.

Map out a personal plan that empowers you to take aligned action today and beyond, to generate greater income while fulfilling your purpose and honoring what you value most.

BONUS: Done-for-You exercises, templates, checklists and scripts included!

PLUS...You get these generous BONUSES, included in this certification training, valued at over $9,800:

BONUS #1. Sacred Money Archetypes® Marketing Training

You'll learn simple, easy ways to market Sacred Money Archetypes®, including our favorite blueprints that outline FOR you exactly what steps to take, saving you tons of time and energy! VALUE: $797

BONUS #2. Discovery Session Content Outline

This is content you'll use to make your complimentary discovery or strategy sessions convert more prospective clients into paying clients without over delivering or giving away free coaching. VALUE: $997


BONUS #3. Six Done-for-You VIP Day Outlines

6 Done-for-You VIP Day Outlines, showing you step-by-step, how to confidently deliver a VIP Day with this exciting content (includes both virtual and live VIP Day Outlines, all Done-for-You) VALUE: $1,997

BONUS #4. Pre-Written Website Sales Letter Copy

We've done the work for you! Just copy/paste this copy directly into your own website, saving you days of time and effort, helping you instantly attract potential new clients. VALUE: $1,497

BONUS #5. Exciting Ways to Integrate Sacred Money Archetypes® into Your Current Offerings

We'll share simple tips and easy to implement ideas on how to spice up your current programs, services, workshops, trainings and more with Sacred Money Archetypes®, giving you a burst of new clients, helping you retain existing clients, making it easier for you to fill your programs, workshops and teleseminars, and positioning you as "top of mind" with your ideal clients. VALUE: $497

BONUS #6. Training in Kendall's Trademarked
Courageous Coaching® Method

Whether you're new to coaching or you're an experienced coach, the Courageous Coaching® Method will make it easy for you to confidently coach anyone, on any topic, to a deep and meaningful breakthrough, in record time. You'll save time, get better results with your clients and be able to charge more once you learn the Courageous Coaching® method.
VALUE: $1,997

BONUS #7. Beautifully Designed Starter 3-Pack of Sacred Money Archetypes® Cards

These Done-for-You, professionally designed full-size cards are perfect to include in your coaching packages, give to teleseminar participants or hand out to workshop attendees. You'll receive a 3-pack of cards to get you started coaching people on their Sacred Money Archetypes®!

VALUE: $59 (Truly, the value is PRICELESS for getting you started!)

BONUS #8. Free Ticket To My Next Live Event – Leap

At Leap you'll learn how to create a profitable, successful, thriving business that funds your desire to make a difference. I've coached more women entrepreneurs to create 6-figure businesses than any other mentor I know of. So you can already begin to imagine being in the same room with me for 3 days where you're handed step-by-step content, detailed checklists, time-saving templates, scripts and examples, PLUS get on-the-spot coaching with me, live.

My workshops are perfect for you whether you're brand new or an experienced entrepreneur, because you'll walk away with a specific plan to create a profitable, leveraged business that consistently adds $5,000, $10,000, $25,000 or more, per month in income to your business. Plus it gives you the training and inspiration you need to create the financial and spiritual success you want as a woman in business for herself. VALUE: $1,997

“Kendall’s work with women entrepreneurs and money is nothing short of brilliant! Her ability to accurately see into a woman's soul -- through the lens of money — is a gift that is helping women change their income, and their lives."

David Neagle, Millionaire Success & Wealth Consciousness Mentor for Entrepreneurs and Speakers,

Kendall is the "money guru" for women entrepreneurs. Her gift in helping women see their true value and helping them find the courage to step out into the world in a big way is a treasure for women everywhere.

Ali Brown, Entrepreneur & CEO, 

Charge more for your work? Hell yeah! Kendall delivers the goods when it comes to kick butt motivation and ‘get it done now’ systems for helping women entrepreneurs make more money!

Suzanne Evans, "Tell it like it is", No Fluff Boss of Business Building,

I love, love, love Kendall's approach to helping women entrepreneurs see the value they have to offer the world – in a way that honors their soul's purpose AND opens the doors to a lifetime of financial abundance!"

Christine Kloser, Spiritual Guide, Award-Winning Author, Transformational Book Coach,

I've never met anyone with a more powerful mindset around money and pricing. Kendall Summerhawk just oozes abundance. Simply being in her energy will lift you up and help you attract more money and success into your life (and you won't be able to help but to share it with your clients too). Spend time with Kendall! You'll be glad you did."

Christian Mickelsen, CEO,

Women come to business from different backgrounds and different views on money, and it can easily stop them from growing their business and reaching their vision. They may not even know it’s holding them back until they get stuck at a certain income level! Kendall cuts through the confusion and gets you straight to what matters so you can increase your income, authentically and powerfully!” 

Milana Leshinsky, Entrepreneur, Strategist, Innovator,

“Kendall's insights into what makes women entrepreneurs tick when it comes to money is extraordinary! Her brilliant blend of practical "money systems" plus her intuition will help you quickly stop sabotaging your finances and immediately help you start making more money…and start keeping more of what you make!"

Bernadette Doyle,

But hang on a minute...this isn't one of those "leave you out there on your own" training programs. Once you're certified you'll also get ongoing licensing and support...

The Sacred Money Archetypes® Certified Coach Training Program is a licensing program. Which means once you complete the certification training, in exchange for a ridiculously reasonable annual license you'll receive the ongoing benefits listed below.

(Note: There are no "hidden" license fees. Your annual license of just $197 covers everything, including annual membership in the professional coaching organization, the International Association of Women in Coaching.)

Your ongoing licensing and support includes...

License to use the Sacred Money Archetypes® name and all of the forms, templates, exercises, systems, structures and training in your private or group coaching programs, teleseminars, workshops, VIP days and in all of your branding and marketing
Exclusive rights to purchase wholesale, then resell or include with your programs, the gorgeous, professionally designed Sacred Money Archetypes® cards (when prospective clients see these large-format, full color cards they practically leap out of their chair, wanting to hire you)
Beautiful, professionally designed logo identifying you as a Certified Sacred Money Archetypes® Coach (feel free to use this logo on your website, in your newsletter and in any of your marketing materials)
Certified status — recognized by the professional coaching organization, the International Association of Women in Coaching (you'll receive your certified status once you complete the training and submit your final certification materials.)
Gorgeous, professional certificate you can proudly display in your office
Ongoing annual membership in the IAWC (visibility, networking, training and community)
Listing in the ONLINE DIRECTORY of Sacred Money Archetypes® Certified Coaches, on the International Association of Women in Coaching website
Done-for-You downloadable versions of ALL exercises, handouts and materials that you can brand as your own and use with your clients, in your programs, teleseminars, workshops and more (remember, Sacred Money Archetypes® is a complete system you'll walk your clients through, step-by-step, using these handouts, exercises and materials)

So now you may be wondering,
"Kendall, this sounds SO exciting, but what is my investment?"

You can get started today for as little as $499 (or pay in full at $3,497 and SAVE).

So how quickly will this training pay for itself? Let's see...

Using Sacred Money Archetypes® content to attract just ONE client can easily be worth the affordable investment in this certification training course. You can also immediately go back to your existing or past clients and make money right away with this fresh and exciting content. In as little 3 weeks or even less, you can have your first Sacred Money Archetypes® client!

Remember, I'm going to help you with your pricing and share simple secrets on how to get your first client. All this, and more, will be covered in the marketing portion of the training.

And when you consider how reasonable the investment this course is going for, it really is a no-brainer. This is an income stream for life and the content, checklists and templates alone will save you hours and hours of time. Plus, the step-by-step VIP day outlines I'm including can mean the difference of hundreds, even thousands of dollars for you with just one client.

And every client after your first is pure profit. There's virtually no way you can lose.

So...are you ready to add this exciting and lucrative new income stream to your business, and FINALLY secure your business future for years to come?

My Personal "I Love This Training" Guarantee!

It's really important to me that this training resonates for you. I am 100% confident you're going to love what you're going to learn, AND I want you to feel at ease making this decision. So, I'm giving you until the end of the SECOND TRAINING CALL to make your final decision if this amazing content is right for you. If it's not, just let me know, return any shipped bonuses in resalable condition, and I'll fully refund your money back — out of my own pocket — and I'll remove you from the certification training program. You have my word on it!

Don't look back 6 months from now frustrated

It took me years to create this marketable content but you can completely shortcut the entire process. Don't look back 6 months from now frustrated that you're still on the hamster wheel, trying to make more money, trying to figure out the next marketing idea or scrambling to generate leads for yourself.

The one thing you can never replace is your time. Time with your kids, time for your relationships and time for YOURSELF. Sacred Money Archetypes® will help you accelerate your success and give you the time for what's most important to you.

Imagine for just a making more money. What would you do with the additional money you make...Take an amazing or luxurious vacation? Move into a nicer home? Buy a new wardrobe or a new car? Help people you care about?

Sacred Money Archetypes® is an investment in your business and in yourself that easily pays you back quickly, and many times over. You're going to fall in love with the archetypes because this content is exciting and it delivers enormous value to your clients. Which means they love YOU and want to sign up to get more of YOUR expertise and help.

And remember, everything you'll learn to coach your clients on, YOU will get to apply first to YOUR life and business!

Registration Special
You can get started today for as little as $499 (or pay in full at $3,497 and SAVE).

"Yes, I'm ready to add this exciting new income stream to my business by becoming a Sacred Money Archetypes® Certified Coach!"


SORRY! Sacred Money Archetypes Certified Coach Training Program enrollment has ended.
If you missed this opportunity to join us I HIGHLY recommend that
you put your name on our priority notification list so you are notified right away
of upcoming opportunities to work with me or catch me live.


Remember, with this training you're investing in your greatest asset ever — YOU — and how to make a greater impact while making awesome income.

Whether you want to use this Sacred Money Archetypes® training just for yourself to grow your business, or you want to use the done for you content and offer it to your clients, this training is life changing. The freedom, income and impact you want to create is all possible for you with this done-for-you content that you and your clients are going to love! Reserve your spot in this training today.

I hope you are excited about becoming a Sacred Money Archetypes® Certified Coach! :-))

Love and brilliance,


P.S. The training calls started January 21st. Register today to get all of the teleseminar training & materials you can use with your clients. Reserve your spot in Sacred Money Archetypes® here.


Ask us any question about the Sacred Money Archetypes® Certified Coach Training program and we'll help you decide if it's right for you. Click here to send an email now, with "question about Sacred Money Archetypes®" in the subject and my wonderful team will be in touch ASAP.

"The clarity that I received from discovering my Sacred Money Archetypes® and my spiritual money path has opened up huge doors of possibility and opportunity.

As a Celebrity/Alchemist, I quickly mapped out a path to prosperity that honors my natural gifts and helps me connect with the more challenging parts in a healthy and supportive way.

Thank you Kendall, for sharing your brilliance, creativity, and intuition through a truly unique and profound process."

Tina Games,

“I was having trouble taking the action steps to make money in my business.  I felt unclear as to why it was so hard for me to create the content and materials.

In the Sacred Money Archetypes® System I am a Celebrity-Maverick. Now I know why I love the visibility portion and the big vision of my business. I love the risks the big steps, but can't stand the little steps in between. I just want to be there already!  The clarity that I came away with is priceless! 

I have organized my calendar into day by day activities so the small steps that get cluttered in my head are easier for me to do.  I have also accepted that the Ruler archetype is low on my list, so I will be patient with myself getting my content out of my head and into a system. Or heck, I may just hire someone to do it! 

Thanks for the clarity and the opportunity to be in the energy of like-minded people. It’s a powerful conductor to brilliant ideas! Now I know what I need to do to make it all happen.”

Cindi Small,

“I had been struggling to understand why its so easy for me to receive money but so difficult to hold on to it.

I discovered that my Sacred Money Contract is to create huge amounts of income from my ideas. I am an empire builder but I don't focus on something long enough for it to grow roots.  I have been all over the place because I have a million ideas and haven't picked just one. Instead I have started multiple projects but not focused on them long enough to see where they will take me.

I decided to focus on one aspect of my work. I also began using my Money Tracking Sheet diligently.  And I've reached out to others and asked for testimonials. 

I've been seeing new opportunities! I've realized that not only do I need to focus on one product but to also remember that I already know what to do.  I feel lighter and have more clarity.  It's actually been a relief.  And, I saved more money in a few weeks than I have in months.”

Robin Carlton

“I was really challenged by the feeling I get in my gut when I ask for my fee.

The Sacred Money Archetypes® gave me a clear understanding of my personal money profile and my behavior around money.  It was eye opening!

After the workshop I contacted everyone I met, then followed up again. I listened to all of “How to Charge What You're Worth and Get It” in two sittings and completed the entire workbook. I’ve already had Discovery Sessions with potential clients for copywriting packages. And I’ve raised my prices.”

Dean Edelson,

“I wasn’t generating enough money. I had the belief that you had to work hard to make a small income.

When I did the Sacred Money Archetypes® exercise, I realized that I had just spent most of my life doing what I though was the right thing according to an imaginary blueprint that did not really exist. This was hurting my business because I was NOT being true to who I really wanted to be in my life and business.

The event sparked a huge identity crisis for me. I got triggered a lot, angry even, realizing that my mission and business were meant to be much bigger. Basically, it opened my eyes to why I had been stuck in inaction the last few months.

Since then, I have been working on redefining my work and getting clear on my brand and who I work with. I now know from the archetypes what should come easily to me and what is not. I am developing the skills I know will benefit me and look to outsource what would be better done by others. I am finally moving forward in my business. I got my mojo back!

Don’t miss this! I did not meet ONE person who was not deeply transformed by the experience.”

Anne Gulick,

“I was having trouble with consistency in cash flow and business growth. Sacred Money Archetypes® showed me I am a Visionary. While I can see the BIG picture, I didn't have systems or structure in place that would allow me to create that big vision... so I was stuck. If you feel stuck in any area of your life, get this!

You will discover buried treasures (and lots of money) that you haven't even tapped into yet! Your life will be enriched in many, many ways! Kendall is an amazing businesswoman, coach, and passionate warrior for you to step into your possibilities and see bottom line results.

Jenny Aiello,

“I am a spender and someone who doesn't like to put the dollars and cents on paper to see the true picture of my business.

Learning my Sacred Money Archetypes® was very helpful not just for me but for understanding others, which is helpful when selling, and coaching.I learned how important it is to pay attention to the numbers and to charge what I’m worth!”

Janice Porter,

“My biggest money challenge has been how to share my work, coaching and spiritual wisdom with a larger audience and play really big in the world.

I had a great big, huge A-HA moment with the Sacred Money Archetypes®. Seeing that my archetype was Celebrity was hilarious! I couldn’t get it! If you asked me, I would have said that I am happiest working and creating behind the scenes. I suddenly realized that I have been avoiding the spotlight for a long time.

The spotlight coaching from Kendall went right to the source of my block and I was able to claim my higher energies of Celebrity.  This was more than an A-HA! It changed my life.  I am clear now that I can be happily out in front without any reservations.  This is a shift of joy for me.

Since finding my Sacred Money Archetype, I have connected with several fantastic people from the workshop. We have plans to collaborate, do some joint ventures and explore even more possibilities. I am thrilled with the connections and people I met.”


“My biggest challenge with money was asking for business.  I was not following up with hot leads and collaborations and I was leaving a lot of money on the table.

With Sacred Money Archetypes®, I learned that I am an Accumulator and a Connector. I realized that I was avoiding connecting with others because I did not feel good enough. This belief has been driving my life for years and keeping me very small. I had a major breakthrough around this issue.  It was painful but powerful.

Since then, I have connected with potential collaboration partners.  I am also empowered and very comfortable booking Discovery Sessions.  And I took some time off with my family, something I didn’t feel good enough to do for a long time.  Now I feel completely liberated and I am experiencing joy and laughter in my life for the first time in years.”

Becky Benes,

“I am doing a happy dance. Last night I did my interview on an online show about the Sacred Money Archetypes®. Celebrity is my bottom archetype so this was a big deal for me...and the big surprise was that it was fun!

So far we have added over 50 people to our list!

Tracy Smith,

“Before taking the Sacred Money Archetypes® Certified Coach training I was charging just $597 for a 6-month coaching program. Kendall coached me to get an SMA client of $2,000k - I had no idea how this was going to happen!

Instead, I got a new 6-month SMA client for $3,197!

Quenby Rubin-Sprague

Thanks to the awesome content in Sacred Money Archetypes® I have already earned almost $20,000 from programs that include SMA as either a major component or as a bonus.

I've easily integrated the handouts & exercises into my business as marketing aids, program elements, and assessments.

Using this material I've grown my list, booked talks & created group programs that are now easy to fill!

Janis Pullen,

The training started January 21st, but it's not too late
Reserve your spot in Sacred Money Archetypes® today!

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