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Personal Note from Kendall

Hi Renee,

May 8, 2006

Happy Mother's Day to my beautiful mother, Kailash!

That's my mom (on the left) and me just a couple of weeks ago. We're on the Board of Directors for our Tucson International Coaching Federation chapter (I'm being modest--I'm the president).

In case you're wondering, Kailash was 3 when I was born <grin> which is why she looks so young. I keep slathering on the sunscreen so I look that good!

My mom always taught me to VALUE myself. Maybe that's why I love the topic of pricing so much.

Not everyone feels so confident about charging what they're worth and getting it. So I'm giving a BRAND NEW 2-teleclass series
*** How to Charge What You're Worth and Get It! ***
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But I need your help!

Can you tell me what your #1 question is about pricing your services, programs, or products is?

Just go here and answer ONE simple question. As a 'thank you', you'll get a special link to enjoy a nice big savings on the class. I know it's going to *SELL OUT* so if this topic is important to you, get your spot early!


Until next week,


Weekly Marketing Wisdom® Main Article

"How to charge more and get it!"

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"Charge more?!" my client exclaimed. "I don't think I could do that."

"Really? Why not?" I asked her.

"Well, because..."

What followed were umpteen reasons that sounded legitimate. Sort of. What I didn't hear was the real reason.


Fear of being rejected and fear of being disapproved of certainly.

But the real fear is of not being good enough.

Fear of not being good enough is rampant in our country. I'm on a mission to UP our self-confidence, one business owner at a time!

So, shall we start right now?

Here are 3 simple ways to charge more and get it, plus feel confident about it!

#1 Shift the focus where it belongs
It's not your value you're charging for. It's the value of the results you're producing for your clients. There's only one way to do this and that's to investigate, thoroughly, what the value of those results are for your clients. In measurable terms. Really!

#2 Give your fees the mirror test
I love this tip! Stand up and take a look in the mirror. Now say your new fee out loud (there's no point in doing this with your current fee because I know it's too low). How do you respond? With a bit of a gulp? Or with the thought, "That's too low!"

Keep upping the amount until you get to where you audibly gasp. Go down just a notch and there's your new fee.

#3 Stop comparing what you charge to others in your industry
Nearly everyone undercharges so if you're comparing your rates to others, guess what you're now doing too? Go back to tip #1 and #2 and you'll have a new fee that's appropriate to charge AND you feel confident about.

Love and brilliance,


PS - What's your #1 question about pricing your services, programs, or products? Tell me here and receive a special 'thank you' link for a hefty discount on my *BRAND NEW* 2-session teleclass:

*** How to Charge What You're Worth and Get It! ***
This June 14th and 21st. That's just five short weeks from now. The class includes instant access to mp3 recordings and downloadable transcripts of each call.

Personal Reflections

I am working like a bandit to finish my new website! My little fingers are sore from typing but I'm having a blast. I'll send out a special announcement in a few days when it's up. It's a BIG departure from the traditional style website!

I'm getting this project done in a very short amount of time. How? By focusing, making a clear decision, and getting support from my loyal team.

Which is exactly what I coach my clients to do.

So what are you focusing on right now? What are you a stand for this week?

Declare it now, out loud, for every one to hear. I bet doing so will quickly galvanize you into action, just like it's done for me.

I have to go, I have another new page calling to me...

Until next week...

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