Million Dollar Tips On Managing Your Time

by Kendall SummerHawk | May 3, 2011 | Coach Training

Million Dollar Tips On Managing Your Time

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No matter how new or experienced you are in your business, you’ve probably faced the challenge of how to gain control of your time. Without a clear strategy in place, it’s easy for women entrepreneurs to unconsciously fritter away hours of time on unproductive activities that don’t add anything to their bottom line.

The reason this happens is because most women in business don’t truly know WHAT to do with their time, so they end up investing the majority of their time on tasks they’re already familiar with or are within their comfort zone. Or, they focus their time on tasks that keep them busy, giving them the illusion they’re being productive even though the results add little to their 1ncome.

There’s also a secret reason, which is fear. Women fear upsetting the apple cart, as in possibly hurting someone’s feelings, letting down someone they care about or appearing to be overly focused on success at the expense of relationships. So instead of focusing on growing their business, they prioritize meeting everyone else’s’ needs first.

Plus, taking control of your time means you’ll likely challenge some deeply imprinted beliefs about how women are supposed to be “nice” or be “helpful”.

I had to face these same challenges at every stage of growing my business, beginning back when I was only making a very frustrating 5-figures and wanted to reach 6-figures, again when I jumped into high 6-figures, and again when I made the leap into a million dollar business, and once again when I grew into a multi-million dollar enterprise.

Which is why I want to share three of my favorite tips for where to focus your time so that you’re productive, and, still honoring your feminine ideals of nurturing, generosity and caring.

Time Tip #1 Respect Your Time Like You Respect Other Peoples’ Feelings

Most women business owners wouldn’t dream of interrupting, barging in on someone, asking for help when someone is clearly busy or take something from someone without first asking permission.

Yet that’s what you’re allowing when you let yourself be interrupted, answer your cell phone every time it rings, frequently check voice mail and email, or obsessively text.

I recommend at least once per day, turning off your phone ringer. I also advise scheduling two or three email “batch” times per day. By treating your time with the same respect you give to others, you’ll be amazed at how much more you get done and how much peace and sanity you add to your day.

Time Tip #2 Get Crystal Clear On Your Million Dollar Work

Do you honestly think the owner of million dollar business broadcasts her own newsletter, posts to her blog or surfs the web for clip art? As that business owner I can tell you the answer is “no way!”

It’s critical that you focus on the tasks you excel at doing. For example, for most women, those activities involve building relationships, getting their message out in a big way, or planning the next launch of your newest service or product.

These aren’t tasks you try to squeeze in, in addition to everything else; these are the tasks that get your time and attention and make up your primary focus. Once you make this mindset shift and start redirecting your time to activities that help you grow your list, market your business or serve clients, you’ll instantly see an increase in your business growth and your energy.

Which leads me to tip #3…

Time Tip #3 Tap Into The Divine Feminine Quality Of Community

Banding together is a valuable aspect of your Divine Feminine spirit. Which means that even if you have a team you need to empower them to take on more.

For example, you don’t need to know how to do a task before you give it over to someone else. Remember, your ability to grow your business is in direct proportion to your ability to ask for — and receive — support. Which means hiring someone to help you before you’re in total overwhelm. Trust me, you can make back the cost of hiring someone in just a few weeks.

How Do I Know When I Need To Delegate More?

Big clues for me are when a task sits on my to-do list for more than two weeks. Ditto that for any email gathering dust for more than two weeks in my inbox. If I’m feeling stressed or overwhelmed. If I find myself working on Fridays, which is my day to spend master minding and easing into the weekend. Or if my husband (and business partner, Richard) gives me that “Gee, don’t you think you’re micro managing everything?” look.

Doubling your revenue is entirely possible once you start letting go of how you currently spend your time, and instead, invest your time only on the tasks a million dollar business owner would focus on.

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